It’s been fun!

It’s also been kitchenless.

Still, there’s been some room for constraint-inducing creativity. Subsisting mainly on sandwiches has hardly been as unpleasant as it sounds. Here’s an idea: Roast beef, provolone & deconstructed pesto.

This is the result of a) Not being able to afford (or finish) a humongous bottle of pesto & b) Being dead sick of turkey-cranberry-brie sandwiches. It’s fun, colorful and yummy!

Multigrain bread (or whatever you fancy)
Roast beef
Parmesan/Provolone/Brie (I love using these brie bites from TJ’s)
Basil leaves
Walnuts (toast them first! In the microwave is fine), crushed
A clove of garlic, split halfway, lengthwise
Butter/olive oil

If you have the fortune of being able to toast bread, toast the bread. Drizzle a little olive oil onto the bread and rub lightly with the cut side of garlic (don’t be too enthusiastic, the garlic rubs off far more strongly than it appears to). Assemble the sandwich however you like and enjoy!