As someone who fiddles around in the kitchen a lot, Google is usually a source of abundant information. Any sort of recipe you can dream up has already been done somewhere and documented – it’s nice, though quite discouraging sometimes because it casts into doubt your ‘originality’. In any case, I was very surprised that I couldn’t find much on a japanese smoked salmon pizza I had been dreaming about. Oh, plenty of smoked salmon pizzas — crust, cream cheese, dill, red onions, salmon, capers — but I wanted to put a twist on it (nah, actually, I ran out of red onions. But I had plenty of green ones!). Google-stranded.

Thankfully, pizzas are very forgiving. As long as you have a good balance of flavours and textures and don’t sog things up too much, it will, more likely than not, taste amazing. They lend themselves very, very well to experimentation, so I gave this japanese thing a shot (gold star if you spotted the pun!).

Here’s what went into the pizza:
– Whole-wheat raw pizza dough (I used a flatbread recipe from Joythebaker)
– ‘Sauce’ – instead of traditional tomato, I went with a mixture of sour cream and a syrupy japanese glaze (aka microwaved leftover marinade from the eggplant.. more on that below)
– Avocado
– Marinated eggplant (equal parts soy sauce, mirin and brown sugar – about half to one teaspoon each. Once the slices have soaked for a couple of minutes, set them aside and microwave the liquid for 45 seconds on high until it’s syrupy and thick. Mix with equal part sour cream for the pizza sauce)
– Smoked salmon, of course.
– Goat cheese
– Those Green Onions
– Roasted nori/seaweed

Assemble as desired – it doesn’t matter, really! – and give the whole thing a drizzle of olive oil to help things along. Bake in a preheated oven (the highest it’ll go) for 5 minutes — and you’re done!

Sorry, no time to take a proper photo of the baked pizza. It was really good, surprisingly! Sliced cherry tomatoes would have been a nice touch, but I didn’t have any.. feel free to swap out whatever looks right to you. Enjoy!