^ This photo was taken after about 1.5 hours of dehydrating, because the ‘summer’ sun was rapidly disappearing.

Oven-dried tomatoes

Tomatoes (of any variety)
Olive oil
Sea salt
Herbs (Basil, thyme, oregano would be lovely; I used thyme)
Garlic, bashed with the side of a knife

This is great for when you have way too many tomatoes… or even when you don’t.

Cut the tomatoes into evenly-sized bits. Drizzle with oil, sprinkle some salt on and scatter the herbs. Off into a 200-250 F oven for as long as it takes — for cherry tomato halves, around 3 hours. Warning: they shrink a lot! Don’t go crazy with the salt. Try not to eat too many out of the oven so that you have the opportunity to admire them in salads, pastas and perhaps sauces. Store them in a little bit of olive oil, covered, in the fridge.