by Common Sense

It feels a bit silly to give a recipe for soup because as long as you get a few basic things in there it’s going to be wonderful. But here’s how I’ve come to make soup after trying lots of different recipes:

Couple of cloves of garlic
An onion
A stick of celery
A medium carrot
Olive oil
Dried herbs (Oregano!)

A nice, big butternut squash
Olive oil

Stock – about a litre is right (veggie or chicken, bought or made)
Fresh herbs (Sage, thyme, anything)

Salt, pepper
Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, sugar

Before anything, roast the squash (cut up and brushed with oil) in a 400F pre-heated oven until it’s tender. Once it’s cool, scrape out flesh and set aside.

Heat a large pan on medium and sautee aromatics in olive oil. Add squash and liquid and simmer around 30 minutes. Puree everything and season to taste — a little sour cream/yogurt/cream to serve is nice.